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In my application I have a custom View (that extends ImageView) and in it we handle the touch events to move Image.

Then I make ViewPager to slide right or left to show the next layout.

The custom View onTouchEvent code works fine by itself. The ViewPager code also works fine. However, if I add them both, my custom View code for move image left or right stops working.

Here's the code for the OnTouchEvent in the custom View:

public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) {

    switch (event.getAction() & MotionEvent.ACTION_MASK) {
    case MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN:
    case MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE:
    case MotionEvent.ACTION_UP:
    return true;

Hoping for any help!!!!!

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Please check this post:

android: ViewPager and HorizontalScrollVIew

there are a couple of solution how to handle situation when the ViewPager contents is also scroll-able.

you will have to create your own custom ViewPager and override the onInterceptTouchEvent method.

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