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i have a problem with this each loop

i have a select, you choose an option, press a button and the selected value is beamed via ajax as encodeURIcomponent to the backend, the answer updates this ul :

<g:each in="${items}">
<li class="${fieldName}_item" >${it}<span onclick="deleteItem('${fieldName}','${id}','${reloadForm}', '${it}');" class="editdropdel ${fieldName}_button"></span></li>

as soon as ${it} contains special characters like " "" " the inline stuff is broken,

is there something like this possible ?

onclick="deleteItem('${fieldName}','${id}','${reloadForm}', 'encodeURIcomponent(${it})');"

i just don´t get it

thankws in advance

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Of course this breaks when ${it} contains ", because this effectively means that the value of your onclick attribute gets terminated where the second " occurs.

encodeURIComponent can of course not help you here, because it “comes too late” – you can not call a JavaScript method to fix broken HTML code.

What you want is to have the " rewritten to &quot; – so that it does not end the attribute value. For which method does that in your template language – please consult docs.

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yeah thats my question, how can i achieve this to my ArrayList "items" in groovy controller before distributing them to the rendered view? –  john Smith Mar 28 '13 at 14:22
okay there´s no wasy way out, i have to rebuild this whole thing using JSON but thanks anyway for your support –  john Smith Mar 28 '13 at 16:22

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