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My first attempt to run tests using Dojo 1.8.3 on the command line with node was thwarted by this error message:

ode:function(){return _25;},guardCheckComplete:_37};};if(1){var _38=location.p
ReferenceError: location is not defined

The workaround is to use the uncompressed source instead of the release, since the optimized version only seems to work in a browser. Next I tried a configuration script

// bootstrap.js
dojoConfig = {
    baseUrl: ".",
    packages:[{name: 'dojo', location: '../dojo_src'}],
    deps: ['./ui_test.js']

And a simple test

// ui_test.js
doh.register("test_1", [
    function four_eq_4() {
        var x = 4;, "4");

When I run the tests does not seem to have an effect

$ node bootstrap.js

My directory structure:


What is the correct way to use DOH on the command line?

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The answer is simple, but not obvious. Run with load=doh to invoke the test runner.

$ node bootstrap.js load=odh
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