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I am getting the following error message on a call to WCF Service (Published IIS) from a silverlight application,

"The server did not provide a meaningful reply; this might be caused by a contract mismatch, a premature session shutdown or an internal server error."

However it works fine when i used the local (dev server) endpoint address. (Both projects are in a single solution)

Any quick solution will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,


....................... Dev Environment:

Windows Server 2003 IIS6 VS2008 SP1 Silverlight 3

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You need to look at the network traffic first. Use Fiddler, or turn on WCF tracing. – John Saunders Oct 14 '09 at 19:10

you need to check the client side config file first.

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I just changed the Endpoint address in the client config to e.g. localhost/VirtualDir/SerivceName.svc Is anything else required to change? – Naveed Oct 14 '09 at 20:19

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