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I have a Django (1.5) template tag that I am using in a partial view to render some random content. The tag makes a query for a single record. I have no problem returning a single item but when trying to send back the full object for use or multiple items I am having trouble.

Here is my tag

def get_random_testimonial():
    # Grab random record
    record = Testimonials.objects.order_by('?')[0]
    return record.text

I would like to be able to return both record.text and record.id to the template tag

To render the tag I have this in my _footer.html view

{% load current_tags %}
{% get_random_testimonial %}

Is there a way I can just return the record object and be able to get all of the values of that object with something like:

 {% get_random_testimonial.text %}
 {% get_random_testimonial.id %}
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This doesn't make sense as an inclusion tag. Especially as you seem to be using it in the same template as you have told it to render.

What you need is an assignment tag:

def get_random_testimonial():
    return Testimonials.objects.order_by('?')[0]

Then you can do:

{% get_random_testimonial as my_testimonial %}
{{ my_testimonial.text }}
{{ my_testimonial.id }}
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Thanks Daniel, new to template tags and was a bit confused on the difference between the 2 and when each should be used. – xXPhenom22Xx Mar 28 '13 at 14:17

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