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I'm getting a problem when creating an instance of an entity in entity framework 5. I'm creating it by reflection:

var method = this.objectContextinstance().GetType().GetMethod("CreateObject");
method = method.MakeGenericMethod(Type.GetType("PERSON"));
var entity = method.Invoke(this.objectContextinstance(), null);

the problem is that the not null properties are being initialized with zero, and i don't want it to. The reason is that if i save it, it makes a reference to another object that key is zero creating wrong data.

is there a way of creating an instance and it not automatically set the non null properties or is there a configuration to set the not null properties to a value like '-1'?

The problem i mention happens creating a instance of some entity by the "new" clause.

I'm using DataBase First approach.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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