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I am using PAYAPAL payment type in my application where I am storing the user's product id in a session. But the session variable is getting lost when the page is redirected back to my application from PAYPAL website, any suggestion will be really appreciated.

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I suspect you've a POST request from paypal and you didn't disable the forgery protection for the specific action –  apneadiving Mar 28 '13 at 13:26

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According to my experience, the problem is with url you are using, let me explain Case 1

  1. sapose i am log in in the url caled https://myurl.com
  2. I amredirected from the paypal to the url https://www.myurl.com

Case 2

  1. sapose i am log in in the url caled https://www.myurl.com
  2. I amredirected from the paypal to the url https://myurl.com

In this both cases i will lose my session


Both https://myurl.com and https://www.myurl.com will take different sessions

To fix this problem either you can write a before filter to alweys redirect to non www url


give domain in name .myurl.com in your session.rb initialization file.

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