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I have a jQuery function that is executed by two different buttons.

$("#btnSearch, #btnDirectorSearch").click(function () {

Part of the html that this function builds depends on which button was hit. I am using data- attributes to store my variables like this:

var div = $(this).data("str");

And the html string I am building depends on what value the variable "div" is. Is there a way to do an inline if/else statement in jQuery?

if div = "choice1" {
    html += '<tr data-str = "str1" data-dataItem = "dataItem1" data-result-title = "' + name + '" data-result-id="' + sel + '">';

} else {
    html += '<tr data-str = "str2" data-dataItem = "dataItem2" data-result-title = "' + name + '" data-result-id="' + sel + '">';

That seems cumbersome and I'm hoping there is a better jQuery way of doing this.


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yes javascript...sorry I was just wondering if there's a better way of doing it using the jQuery library. – 999cm999 Mar 28 '13 at 13:41
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you have a syntax error

if div = "choice1" 

should be

if (div == "choice1")

Anyway, the pattern you're looking for is:

div == "choice1" ? <code for true> : <code for false>
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oops thanks for catching that! – 999cm999 Mar 28 '13 at 13:41

you can use condition ? code when true: code when false

but i would suggest you to stick with curley braces only, as it looks better and easier to debug. one more thing , do it as below



use ===

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Since it's only the number that changes in the output, you could do this:

var num = div == "choice1" ? 1 : 2;
html += '<tr data-str="str'+num+'" data-dataItem="dataItem'+num+'" data-result-title="'+name+'" data-result-id="' + sel + '">';
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If your choices are limited, you could add a small lookup array:

var choices = {
    choice1: {
        str: "str1",
        data: "dataItem1"
    choice2: { ... }

html += '<tr data-str="' + choices[div].str 
    + '" data-dataItem="' + choices[div].data
    + '" data-result-title="' + name + ... etc;
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