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I have created 2 Push-Buttons in a horizontal layout. Then I added a spacer but it's almost invisible. I also cannot change the size of this spacer.
I cannot change ANY size in any layouts! I tried everything, changed the size policy etc. but nothing worked. I watched this video where this guy created two push buttons and put them together in a horizontal layout. He added a spacer, just like me, and he was able to change the size it! :

Qt Layout Tutorial

What am I doing wrong? I did exactly what he did but it won't work >.< So how can I change the size of the items in a layout (particularly the spacer's size)?

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A spacer is not a widget. It's just an empty space. If you want to change your buttons' sizes - you should change your buttons' properties minimumSize. If you want your spacer to be larger - your should resize your window, which contains it. –  Amartel Mar 28 '13 at 17:21

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Try using QBoxLayout::addStretch() instead of addSpacerItem() or addSpacing().

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