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I'd like to validate submitted collection of time strings both on the client and server side with javascript/coffeescript and ruby respectively. Upon validation the time values will be stored to the DB. Suggestions on how best to accomplish this are appreciated. Thanks.

I would like to validate:

  1. The entered time is realizable
  2. The time periods in the collection do NOT overlap.

Following is an example set of user submitted data:

[{"start": "10:00 AM", "end": "11:30 AM"}, 
 {"start": "11:30 AM", "end": "1:00 PM"}]
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For Ruby:

You'll need a custom validation:

  1. You can try to instantiate your start/end into, if you can't, it's not valid.

  2. If you can instatiante, you can validate if start_date <= end_date.

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