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I'm trying to make my app to play intro clip for only when I start activities. But from my code it's always play the clip after wakeup before resume to app although I did not closed the app. What can I do to fix this prob?

From main:

startActivity(new Intent(this, MyIntro.class));

From MyIntro:

public class MyIntro extends Activity implements OnCompletionListener {

    int a;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle bundle) {

    public void onConfigurationChanged(Configuration newConfig) {

    public void onCompletion(MediaPlayer arg0) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    private void playIntro(){

        VideoView video = (VideoView) this.findViewById(;

        Uri uri = Uri.parse("android.resource://" + R.raw.intro);


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What function have you overridden in your main Activity - the one where you call

startActivity(new Intent(this, MyIntro.class))


I would assume it's onResume() and the line above is executed too many times, because of that. Read again the explanation of Activity lifecycle here, it's the first thing I do, when I have problems like that.

Get back to us with a little more info about the main Activity.

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Evil hack:

Add a static pointer to your own activity, fill or override it when "onCreate" gets called. If it's null, play your movie, otherwise, don't. You could do the same with a static boolean really.

private static boolean isRunning = false;

protected void onCreate(Bundle bundle) {
        isRunning = true;
        //Play your video here

There are much more elegant and correct ways of doing this, but if you're in a hurry this will probably work.

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