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I am developing a web application using Spring MVC framework, in one of my modules I have implemented an <iframe> to display user posts and comments. Now my problem is the <iframe> height should be set dynamically based on the contents in the <iframe>. I am using the following JavaScript for this purpose. It works fine in Firefox and Internet Explorer but not in Google Chrome and Safari. How to solve this problem?

function sizeFrame() {
  jQuery("#myframe", top.document).css({ height: 0 });
                        var iframe=document.getElementById('myframe');
                var iframeWin = iframe.contentWindow || iframe.contentDocument.parentWindow;
                var the_height=0;
                 if (iframeWin.document.body) {
                 the_height = iframeWin.document.documentElement.scrollHeight || iframeWin.document.body.scrollHeight;
               jQuery("#myframe", top.document).css({ height: the_height }); 

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Add following code to your java script function that solves your problem,

var is_chrome = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('chrome') > -1;
var is_safari=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('safari') > -1;
 if(is_chrome || is_safari)
jQuery("#myframe", top.document).css({ height: 0 }); 
var myframe = jQuery("#myframe");var innerDoc = (myframe.get(0).contentDocument) ? myframe.get(0).contentDocument : myframe.get(0).contentWindow.document;
var h;
jQuery("#myframe", top.document).css({ height: h  }); 
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Thanks for your solution, it helped me alot –  speeday125 Apr 1 '13 at 9:50

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