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I'm trying to create my first GAE Endpoint app, and instead of generating an endpoint from a class, I'd like to create my own personalised Endpoint... is this possible?

I've written this class:

@Api(name="my_endpoint", path="my_endpoint")
public class MyFirstEndpoint {

  @ApiMethod (name="my_method", path="my_method", httpMehod=HttpMethod.GET)
  public Response myMethod(@Named("param1") String param1) {


But when I try to generate the Endpoint Client Library in Eclipse, it says that there was an error... and the worst thing is that it doesn't say what error it is!

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Yes it's possible to create custom Endpoints.

I had the same error. I think you can't use "_" in the name of the Api nor the ApiMethod...

Try using "myEndpoint" and "myMethod" as the names and keep the "_" in the paths.

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To find out what the error is, take a look at the error log under Window -> Show View -> Error Log. We need to expose the error to the user though; you're totally right there. – Rajeev Dayal Mar 28 '13 at 18:46

A bit unrelated to this particular case, but it's the first thing that popped up on Google when searching for the error: you can't have overloaded methods in your Endpoints classes. Found this by looking in the Error console as described above in a comment.

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