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Simple question, yet i haven't found the answer.

Anybody here know how to suppress a boolean field from displaying a "False" ?

For example in my report, I have fields that say True or False...i'd rather just see a True and have crystal reports suppress the "False"

Anybody know how to do that?

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Use the Suppress formula for that field (available by clicking the X+1 button on the field object's properties dialog next to Suppress), and make it say :

NOT {FieldValue}

This will suppress the field if it is False and show it if it is True.

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+1 This is how I'd do it. :) –  Dusty Oct 14 '09 at 21:03
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You could create a formula for your field. The formula would look something like this:

if {yourfieldname} then "True" else " "

UPDATE: It doesn't matter if you already have a formula. Just do this instead:

if {field1} = true OR {field2} = true OR {field3} = true then "True" else " "

Also, if {field1} is a boolean, then writing

if {field1}

is easier and more clear than writing

if {field1} = true
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I should have mentioned this before, and i apologize. Currently i have a formula that does an "OR" for my requirements. (Ex: {Reservations.NY IT Services/Laptop} = true OR {Reservations.NY IT Services/Tablet PC} = true OR ... etc.) b/c of that formula, i am unable to add anything else :( –  yeahumok Oct 14 '09 at 20:18
I don't think that matters. see edit. –  Peter Recore Oct 14 '09 at 22:11
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