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I'm trying to get a very simple recurring function loop running, according to these samples:


The code:

import akka.actor.Actor
import akka.actor.Props
import scala.concurrent.duration._

object Main extends Application {
  val system = akka.actor.ActorSystem("system")    // this was missing!
  import system.dispatcher

  system.scheduler.schedule( 0 milliseconds, (10*1000) milliseconds, {
    println( "click!" )

I get (sbt):

> .../src/Main.scala:34: not found: value system [error]       import
> system.dispatcher [error]              ^ [error]
> .../src/Main.scala:36: not found: value system [error]      
> system.scheduler.schedule( 0 milliseconds /*initial delay*/,
> (entry.secs*1000) milliseconds /*delay between*/, { [error]       ^

Where is the system supposed to be coming from?


I'm having the code within a 'main()' function, and I haven't inherited anything from Actor or ActorSystem. The point is I'd like to schedule functions but no go into actors with this. Is the framework thinking I must derive from something (if so, it kind-of should say it?).

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An ActorSystem is nothing to inherit from, but it is the runtime for actors and amongst other things, the scheduler. –  Heiko Seeberger Mar 28 '13 at 15:30
Is there any practical differences with "import context.dispatcher" since the actor has this context already? –  Daniel Jan 28 at 0:08
@Daniel. Probably not - you are right. This whole question seems stupid now that I'm more into Akka. I think Futures would be the way to do this kind of thing. –  akauppi Jan 28 at 11:37

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It looks like missing of following expression before import system.dispatcher:

val system = akka.actor.ActorSystem("system")
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Yes, the confusion comes from that "import system.dispatcher" looks like a package import, but it just makes the dispatcher field of system available in scope. –  Endre Varga Mar 28 '13 at 15:26
That does it, thanks. Isn't it sad that one needs to search hours for this kind of information. The Akka doc page really misses that line! Thanks all the more! :) –  akauppi Mar 28 '13 at 15:40

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