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With the new update for highcharts came support for pinch to zoom on the iPad/iPhone, however this doesn't work how I expected. I presumed that the chart would actually zoom into the date range, instead it just literally zooms into the chart lines and markers, rendering the functionality a bit pointless.

Is it possible to disable this?

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There is a chart.zoomType and chart.pinchType property that take the same values (x,y,xy,none). By default chart.pinchType is null and reverts to chart.zoomType. If you want only zooming on the x-axis for pinching, you would do:

chart : {
  pinchType : 'x'

Or set chart.pinchType to 'none' to completely disable. Or leave it null and set your chart.zoomType to either of these.



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thanks very much, very helpful –  hcharge Apr 2 '13 at 14:20

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