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I am working on a taxi dataset. I want to plot them on country map. also, after plotting the trajectories of the taxis, i want the user to choose a point on the map and request him to enter an epsilon radius. After he enters a value, a circle should be drawn for the user-selected point and points of other taxis within that circle should be engulfed. I should show the user how many taxis are participating in that epsilon radius. so what sorta APIs or packages should i use? Does basemap in python provide with this kind of dynamism. Or is there any other tool i can use? Or is there a way, where there are ready maps available and i can just plot my trajectories on them and include them in my web-based GUI and provide the user to enter epsilon radius and do the same stuff as i mentioned above. how to go ahead? please suggest.

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This might be more easily accomplished using the Google Maps API and JavaScript on the client side. Your server-side component sending the coordinates of taxis could certainly be done in Python using Django, or whichever framework you choose, but for ease of mapping and dynamic data generation in the browser JavaScript/HTML5 is the way to go.

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