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I'm solving a system of ODEs with ode45 for many different parameters(these parameters are coefficients of differential equations) , and I want to find parameters for which the solution is smaller (not larger) than a given value.

How can I set a condition on ode45 , to "detect" automatically if the solution (for some of those parameters) gets larger than that (given) value while solving the system and stop solving for further steps?

Jan suggested to put the following condition in the definition of the input function so the int. I tried this, but it doesn't work: after a few steps (and although the condition is not correct yet) iteration ends soon with the output kept constant at some number. (an incorrect output)

(qm , U , V , etc are constants and X has 4 columns )


function xprime=acceleration(T,X)
    xprime=zeros (4,1);
        if X(size_X,1)>threshold



  xprime(3)=X(1)*X(4)^2 - 2*qm*(U+V*(cos(w*T)))*F1(num,X(1),X(2));
  xprime(4)= -2*X(3)*X(4)/X(1) - qm*((U+V*(cos(w*T)))/(X(1)))*F2(num,X(1),X(2));

  • What is the problem with the above code?
  • Somebody suggested to attach a monitoring function to ode45 . (here) . Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks
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I don't see built in options in the Matlab ODE solvers that may be (mis)used for your purposes.

But you can modify your right hand side in y' = f(t,y) accordingly. I may think of

  • IF y > threshold THEN f(t,y) = 0 -- this should lead to a fast end of the iteration because of the step size control in ODE45
  • Or raising an exception, that only cancels current the iteration (Not sure how to do this ;)
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Thanks for your help. I asked this question before at scicomp.stackexchange , and there somebody suggested to attach a monitoring function to ode45. here: link. Do you now how to do this? –  Mostafa Mar 28 '13 at 19:49
I tried your suggestion (as I wrote it in the question) . but it doesn't work.(as stated above) what is the problem with that? –  Mostafa Mar 29 '13 at 22:59
The behavior is as expected. Maybe your switching condition is not right. Do you want to check the 4th component? Try to check whether size_X does what you want... –  Jan Mar 30 '13 at 15:11

Are you solving a set of equations or trying to integrate over time? Without more info it sounds like you should be using fsolve or fmincon?

If you really are integrating, I think you can use the Events functionality to indicate to ode45 that you want to stop. The ballode example might be helpful.

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