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How would one go around to establish and maintain a large number of TCP connections to several remote servers? When I say large think c10k large. It would be a sort of massively connected P2P app, that would aggressively seek out new peers.

This would involve using a single outgoing TCP port, sort of like a server, receiving data in a single port and processing it concurrently or asynchronously, but instead of listening on a port i would SYN out several remote server. To implement this I would like to use a Linux/BSD OS and ideally using an async python networking lib.

I looked in the basic documentation of asyncore and twisted and some basic searches here on stack overflow but I got no where near what I needed.

Can some one point me to a possible solution or at east some literature that does no involve diving (at least no to deeply) in OS level stuff.

Thanks for your help.

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Why don't you use regular TCP connections instead? 10k TCP connections isn't going to strain Twisted much. Either I don't understand the approach you're proposing instead, or it doesn't make any sense. Either way, it doesn't seem necessary. –  Jean-Paul Calderone Mar 28 '13 at 16:09

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