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How does one reference the default 'Submit' Forms button to link the 'onsubmit' trigger with another action? Thank you.

For example, with onsubmit,

Logger.log('do something');
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Can you elaborate your question. It is not clear enough. Are you looking to run a function when someone submits a form ? If so, then you can call the function as onSubmit() –  Srik Mar 28 '13 at 16:21
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One doesn't. The Form Service does not allow any programmatic control over the product. There is an open issue on the Issue Tracker for this general topic. Star it to "vote", and receive updates.

However, you're not lost. In the spreadsheet receiving your form responses, you can add a script with an Installable Trigger to fire "On form submit". From there, you can do many things to the submitted data, including Logging as you wish... but nothing to the Form itself.


These references explain triggers and events.

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Update - there is now a Forms service that does give programmatic control over many elements of forms. –  Mogsdad May 27 '13 at 15:32
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This is an old answer.

Currently (Jan 2014) there are two ways for onSubmit. One is simply to make a function onSubmit() which supposedly (it doesn't work for me...) allows a limited set of actions under the permission of the current submitting user only. You cannot access his submitted email, for example, or modify the underlying form for next submit.

Then there is is the trigger on submit which you can add and attach to any function and do whatever you want under your own permissions. looks same as screenshot of trigger adding in the answer above, except that its the first column shows methods in you forms script, the next column reads: From-Form and in the third column you choose: On Submit.

Typically your method will receive an event e , who's e.values are the same as the values saved in the spreadsheet. So

function formSubmitted(e){ ...

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