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I have a script where I use PHP with Smarty. I only want to rescue a variable through a multiple checkbox with values with several options of selects. How do I do this?

Below is the current structure, but it does not bring the values ​​of the selects when I click the checkbox of name = "orcar"

{foreach from=$planes item=plane}
<td><label class="checkbox"><i class="icon icon-hand-right"></i>                
<input name="orcar" type="checkbox"/></td></label>                                  
<td><select class="input-medium"><option>{$plane.model}</option></select></td>
<td><select class="input-large">
<td><select class="input-medium">
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Your select elements don't have name properties. You need these in order to POST the data.

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Yes, that's true, your inputs have no name. Second point if you put the same name to two different inputs you'll get an array with the answer.

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thanks so much works now –  user2199629 Mar 28 '13 at 18:38
if any of this comments has solved your problem please accept it as correct, so any other person with the same problem will find the answer easily –  fritsMaister Apr 24 '13 at 9:03

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