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The aim : a table, with a person on each line, and checkboxes, clicking a checkbox submit a form, for now one form for each checkbox.


I've managed that with cakephp 2.0, but each submit reload the entire page (how many lines ? perhaps several hundred, the maximum is another question)

I want it to be very reactive, so I thought to use ajax to reload only the line clicked.

I've tried to use Js->submit, but it's not compatible with checkboxes.

I wonder what I should use for the action of each form, as a controller action causes the page to be reloaded or redirected.

Edit : I've followed Dave's suggestion and in the fragment view (that fill the table row) :

echo $this->Form->input('recu',array('type'=>'checkbox', 
                     'div' =>false, 
                     'label' =>false, 

        ), array(
        'async' => true,
        'method' => 'post',
        'data'=> $this->Js->serializeForm(array(
            'isForm' => false,
            'inline' => true

In the controller action admin_dossier_recu2, I save the form, and return the fragment, specifying :

      $this->layout = 'ajax';

Thanks for the hint, my previous attempts were wrong. Unfortunately, my solution does'nt work with IE8 but it works well with firefox and chrome. Now, I would have a visual effect, for the user to know the data is actually saved, but perhaps should I ask another question.

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Use javascripts onchange() event and have it call a function that does all your ajax.

You can also do some logic to determine if said changed checkbox is checked or not before you do your ajax...etc etc.

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