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i have 3 table in database that must be displayed in 3 drop list using php and mysql but these three table go like this user select from the first one then the second drop list will display data based on the selection of the first and the third based on the selection of the second ... my question is what is better

using three different tables country district village or just one that contain all the data

can anyone help me ?? i can populate the tree table but independent from each other

these are 2 queries

function districtQuery(){

$distData = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM districts");

  while($recorddist = mysql_fetch_array($distData)){

     echo'<option value="' . $recorddist['district_name'] .  '">' . $recorddist['district_name'] . '</option>';


// function for select by village
function villageQuery(){

//$villageData = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM village");

  $villageData = mysql_query("SELECT village_name FROM village INNER JOIN districts ON village.district_id = districts.district_id") or die (mysql_error());

  while($recordvillage = mysql_fetch_array($villageData)){

     echo'<option value="' . $recordvillage['village_name'] .  '">' . $recordvillage['village_name'] . '</option>';


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possible duplicate of Dynamic Populated Drop Down List PHP MySQL – Marc B Mar 28 '13 at 16:07
this can be done with PHP, it's usually done with JS / jQuery – michi Mar 28 '13 at 16:23

I would suggest that you divide your tables into three different tables and link them...This will give you more control and flexibility over your data and allow you to write queries easily. Below is an example.

//Country Table
id, country_name 

//District Table
id, country_id, name

//Village Table
id, country_id, district_id, name
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@ jay Bhatt yess that what i did but the problem that i want to make the selection of the second table based on the selection of the first .. and this is what i am unable to make it successfully – user2214618 Mar 28 '13 at 22:03
If the selection is based on the district, you can write following query, Select d.name, v.name from district as d, village as v where v.district_id = d.id and d.id = 'Id passed from your dropdown'; – Jay Bhatt Mar 29 '13 at 4:00

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