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I am receiving output from some process as this and i want to search particular element from the out put of that process using perl I have done as below but still it return FALSE even if there is element.I think something i am doing wrong in parsing help any pointers . Thanks

Output from process:



use strict;
use warnings;

my @result_listosp; #assigned from output process given above

my $osp="http_TestABC";
my $status_osp_check= check_if_entity_exists($osp,@result_listosp);
print $status_osp_check;

sub check_if_entity_exists() 
    my $entity = shift;
    my @entityarray = @_;

    my $status="FALSE";

    if ( grep { $_ eq $entity} @entityarray) {
        return $status;
    else {
        return $status;
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Most likely you are using backticks (qx()).

This is like assigning:

@result_listosp = ( "origin-server-pool-1\n",    # Note the
                            "http_TestABC\n",    # trailing
                           "https_TestABC\n" );  # newlines

The reason why the grep is failing is because "http_TestABC" eq "http_TestABC\n" is false.

Two ways to fix this:

  • chomp @result_listosp; to eliminate the newline endings

  • Use a regex match (=~) instead of an exact match (eq)

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