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I have lines in a file that look like this:

FA General,1234567^^^^^FA Student Letter- General^<<undefined>>^\\path\to\file.RTF

I'm trying to use sed to replace the caret characters with commas. If I use:

sed 's/\^/,/' file.txt

Nothing changes. I've also tried

sed 's/\\^/,/' file.txt
sed 's/^^/,/' file.txt

What am I missing here?

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Do you want to replace all carets? I am sure if you look closely at your result you'll see that the first caret is replaced. So try this:

sed -e 's/\^/,/g' file.txt

Note the g to mean global replace, i.e, all matches.

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You are correct. I can't believe I missed that; thank you very much! –  Ben Wall Mar 28 '13 at 16:30

Or try the y command:

sed 'y/^/,/'
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