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Here's the command I need to execute: (using the example API key)

curl -v -u 1971800d4d82861d8f2c1651fea4d212:api_token \
-X GET https://www.toggl.com/api/v8/workspaces/777/tasks

I am writing a dashing/sinatra based dashboard that shows a summary of the information from our Toggl account. My question is, how to I open this url in sinatra using something like

open('http://...) do |f|

A successful curl returns an array (json) that I can parse for the info I need.

I'm not entirely sure how to tackle this. I have some ideas but they aren't well formed enough to properly comment on them. I though I'd bounce this off of you all for inspiration and information.

I'm all ears.

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Check out HTTParty. The example in the README shows basically exactly what you're looking to do using auth headers:


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