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I'm just getting started with using json with java. I'm not sure how to access string values within a JSONArray. For instance, my json looks like this:

  "locations": {
    "record": [
        "id": 8817,
        "loc": "NEW YORK CITY"
        "id": 2873,
        "loc": "UNITED STATES"
        "id": 1501
        "loc": "NEW YORK STATE"

my code:

JSONObject req = new JSONObject(join(loadStrings(data.json),""));
JSONObject locs = req.getJSONObject("locations");
JSONArray recs = locs.getJSONArray("record");

I have access to the "record" JSONArray at this point, but am unsure as to how I'd get the "id" and "loc" values within a for loop. Sorry if this description isn't too clear, I'm a bit new to programming.

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Have you tried using JSONArray.getJSONObject(int), and JSONArray.length() to create your for-loop:

for (int i = 0; i < recs.length(); ++i) {
    JSONObject rec = recs.getJSONObject(i);
    int id = rec.getInt("id");
    String loc = rec.getString("loc");
    // ...
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ah, that makes sense. thanks for the example! cheers – minimalpop Oct 14 '09 at 21:09

An org.json.JSONArray is not iterable.
Here's how I process elements in a net.sf.json.JSONArray:

    JSONArray lineItems = jsonObject.getJSONArray("lineItems");
    for (Object o : lineItems) {
        JSONObject jsonLineItem = (JSONObject) o;
        String key = jsonLineItem.getString("key");
        String value = jsonLineItem.getString("value");

Works great... :)

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This doesn't work for me, since a JSONArray is not iterable. – michel404 May 6 '12 at 13:31
org.json.JSONArray is not iterable, but net.sf.json.JSONArray is Iterable – Michael A. Jackson Jul 11 '13 at 17:49

By looking at your code, I sense you are using JSONLIB. If that was the case, look at the following snippet to convert json array to java array..

 JSONArray jsonArray = (JSONArray) JSONSerializer.toJSON( input );  
 JsonConfig jsonConfig = new JsonConfig();  
 jsonConfig.setArrayMode( JsonConfig.MODE_OBJECT_ARRAY );  
 jsonConfig.setRootClass( Integer.TYPE );  
 int[] output = (int[]) JSONSerializer.toJava( jsonArray, jsonConfig );
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In case it helps someone else, I was able to convert to an array by doing something like this,

JSONObject jsonObject = (JSONObject)new JSONParser().parse(jsonString);
((JSONArray) jsonObject).toArray()

...or you should be able to get the length

((JSONArray) myJsonArray).toArray().length
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