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Is it possible to add a hook method on the client side with a remote validation? I want to check if an email is already taken and if that is true i want to add a button on my form that will show the user with that email address.

note I also check if email is required and or a valid e-mail. the button should only show when an email is already in de database.

(the validation itself works, I just want to catch the event and add a button to my view)

here is my code in the model

  <Remote("ValidateEmail", "User", additionalfields:="UserGuid,PersonGuid", ErrorMessageResourceType:=GetType(Resources.Messages), ErrorMessageResourceName:="UserErrorDuplicateEmail")>
    Public Property Email As String

my javascript

function createValidationCheck() {
$("form input").change(function () {

    invalidHandler: function (event, validator) {

this is part of my view

@Using (Ajax.BeginForm("SaveUserDetail", New AjaxOptions With {.HttpMethod = "Post",
                                                                .UpdateTargetId = "displayContainer",
                                                                .OnFailure = "PostFailure",
                                                                .OnSuccess = "fillDisplayContainer",
                                                               .OnComplete = "userDetailFinished"

         @<div id="detailInformation">

              @Html.HiddenFor(Function(m) m.UserGuid)
               @Html.HiddenFor(Function(m) m.PersonGuid)

              <div class="label">
                @Html.LabelFor(Function(m) m.Email)

            <div class="displayForCorrector">
                @Html.TextBoxFor(Function(m) m.Email)
                 @Html.ValidationMessageFor(Function(m) m.Email,Nothing,New With{.id ="ShowEmailList"})

In short,How can I catch the validation event and add behaviour to it via jquery?

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I found the solution Just add the following line $("form").bind('invalid-form.validate',addValidationInvalidHandler) – LaMa Mar 29 '13 at 9:38

I found the solution

To add an event just add this in your Javascript


the addValidationInvalidHandler is my own javascript function that get's called everytime my form isn't valid

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Great... this helped me. If you just check $('form').valid() it is valid but remote validation fails... this hook did it and allowed me to reset a loading spinner icon. – Leniel Macaferi Jun 25 '13 at 18:31

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