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I have a python function that is registered as a celery task like:

import celery
def my_fn(*args,**kwargs):# dooing stuff

I want to check the args and kwargs are still valid just before the task gets executed. For this purpose I tried to override execute and run functions of Task class but they are not getting executed as stated in there code and the documentations.(At least that's what I understood!)

execute run

a sample use of run, similer to what I want

This is how I defined my MyTask class:

from celery import Task
class MyTask(Task):
    def run(self,*args,**kwargs): #does't get called.
    def execute(self,request,*args,**kwargs): #does't get called.

What class or function should I be overiding insted? Is this not possible?

Thank in advance!

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I just Figured out that if you override __call__ function it works correctly.

The code becomes:

from celery import Task
class MyTask(Task):
    def __call__(self,*args,**kwargs):
        #do stuff
        return super(...)...

If there is a better solution I would like to see that though.

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Can you share the code wherein you call the task function? It sounds as though you are calling it locally, not via a remote worker. –  Chris Johnson Aug 24 '13 at 19:05

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