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OK... So I have a calendar, in a custom PHP application built using CodeIgniter, which pulls its entries from a MySQL database. In the table containing the entry data, there are 3 fields that govern the date (start_date), time (start_time) and duration (duration) of the entry. Now, as the end-user moves an entry to a new date and/or time, the system needs to check against these 3 fields for any schedule conflicts.

Following are some vars used in the query:

$request_entry_id // the id of the entry being moved
$request_start_date // the requested new date
$request_start_time // the requested new time
$request_duration // the duration of the entry being moved (will remain the same)
$end_time = ($request_start_time + $request_duration); // the new end time of the entry being moved

My query used to check for a schedule conflict is:

WHERE t.start_date = '$request_start_date'
AND (j.start_time BETWEEN '$request_start_time' AND '$end_time'))
AND t.id <> $request_entry_id

The above query will check for any entry that starts on the same date and time as the request. However, I also want to check to make sure that the new request does not fall within the duration of an existing entry, in the most efficient way (there's the trick). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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It's easier to figure out the logic if you first think about the condition for when there is no conflict:

The new event ends before the existing one starts, or starts after the existing event ends.

For there to be a conflict we take the negative of the above:

The new event ends after the existing one starts, and starts before the existing event ends.


WHERE t.start_date = '$request_start_date'
AND ('$end_time' > t.start_time AND '$request_start_time' < addtime(t.start_time, t.duration))
AND t.id <> $request_entry_id
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That would work beautifully. However, my duration field - which I should have mentioned - is a field representing hours in decimal format (e.g., 1.50 is an hour and a half). How, if at all, could I still use addtime by converting, for instance, 1.50 to 01:30:00? –  user2220551 Mar 28 '13 at 19:20
You can convert 1.5 into 01:30 with SEC_TO_TIME(3600*1.5). –  Joni Mar 28 '13 at 19:34
That's the ticket. Thank you. :) –  user2220551 Mar 28 '13 at 19:52

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