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I have a pl sql code with repeated execution of a package with different procedure.When I am compiling that,it compiles with warning,but no errors.Here is the code:

for v_col_name in (select col_table_name from tbl_name)
   v_execute_string := 'package.'||v_col_name (par1 ,par2);
   execute immediate 'begin '|| v_execute_string; 'end;'
end loop


PROCEDURE abc compiled Warning: execution completed with warning

When checking for that,it shows as if the problem is in the below part:

execute immediate 'begin '|| v_execute_string; 'end;'

Any help would be appreciated.

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You are missing the concatenation operator between the variable and the second hardcoded string. – APC Mar 29 '13 at 10:17

You've got a semicolon, which ends a line, in between v_execute_string and 'end;'.

Should be execute immediate 'begin '|| v_execute_string || ' end;'

And unless v_col_name is a procedure too... you should probably make the line before like:

v_execute_string := 'package.'||v_col_name||'(par1 ,par2)';
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