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If I have a string like "name":"tempname","department":"tempdept", I want to search for the value for "department" which is "tempdept". So if "department" exists, I need just the value returned. The length of the string that is searched can be very long. Is this possible using sed/awk, can you please help?

I tried the following, but it returns the whole string. I am searching for department here.

echo $data | sed 's/\(\"department\":\)\(.*\"\)/\2/'
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See if this does it for you:

sed -ne '/"department"/{s/^.*"department":"\([^"]*\).*/\1/;p;}'


echo '"name":"tempname","department":"tempdept"' | sed -ne '/"department"/{s/^.*"department":"\([^"]*\).*/\1/;p;}'

If you need to retain the double quotes, just add them back in during the replacement:

    sed -ne '/"department"/{s/^.*"department":"\([^"]*\).*/"\1"/;p;}
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Some simple solutions:

echo "$data" | tr , \\n | awk -F: '$1 ~ /^department$/{ print $2 }'


echo "$data" | awk -F: '$1 ~ /^department$/{ print $2 }' RS=,

Your solution just need minor modifications:

echo "$data" | tr , \\n | sed -n 's/"department":\(.*\)/\2/p'


echo "$data" | tr , \\n | sed -n '/"department":/s///p'
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Thanks for the reply. The modified sed solution below does work, but the result gets truncated when it hits a comma in the department value. So assuming the the value of the department always ends with a double quote, can we retrieve till that character including the quote? echo "$data" | tr , \\n | sed -n '/"department":/s///p' – parker Mar 28 '13 at 19:52

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