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When running my application locally against, the indexes listed on exactly match those listed in my index.yaml file. However, when I look at my production indexes at, there are a few additional indexes that show up on the dashboard that do not exist in the index.yaml.

Why is this? Does the production appengine auto-generate new indexes like does? Or are these "leftover" indexes that I should delete if I know they are no longer in use?

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They will be "leftover" indexes. The production server will only add new indexes it finds in index.yaml, it won't delete old ones (different versions of your app might have different index requirements).

You can run vacuum_indexes . from your app's directory, and it will prompt you to delete any that are present on the server but missing from index.yaml

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You'll probably want to delete unused indexes. New indexes are auto-generated, but we leave the decision on when to clean up to you (since we're not in the position of knowing when you'll be switching between versions of your app).

See and

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