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I'm managing a geographically distributed team of developers working on a java/js/open laszlo project. We are using Perforce for source code control. I'm looking for a tool that works with Perforce which provides high level productivity metrics such as new/changed/deleted files, new/changed lines of code, # check-ins on a per developer / per day basis. Rather than inspecting each change list manually I'd like to automate the process. Are there any free tools that can extract these metrics from Perforce and present them in an Excel or HTML format? Thanks in advance.

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You can check out FishEye from Atlassian for out-of-the-box reporting. If you want to do some deeper data mining, Perforce has a tool called P4ToDB that puts the database into an RDBMS like MySQL. Then you can run Jasper or BIRT reports.

This upcoming product might be of interest: http://www.perforce.com/conference/2013/sessions#dashboard

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It may be a bit older, but there is p4Report also. http://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.current/manuals/p4report/index.html

It basically gives you an ODBC driver and some canned reports to give you ideas on what it can do.

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