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To access a model in another controller, currently I use the $this->loadModel('Setting') command within the class. I want my model "Settings" be accessible by any other class, without requiring that I use all the time $this->loadModel('Setting'), how do I do that?

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By default, CakePHP will automatically load the Model that 'fits' the controllername (e.g. the Post model will automatically loaded for the PostsController).

That is, if you didn't specify which models to load.

Manually specifying which Models to load in a Controller

As with most things in CakePHP, You can override this by manually overriding the 'automatic' settings; you can specify which models are to be used in a Controller via the $uses property;

public $uses = array(

This will load 'ModelA' and 'ModelB' in the Controller, which will be accessible via $this->ModelA and $this->ModelB inside the Controller.

The $uses property of a Controller will be merged with the $uses property of the AppModel, so if you add the Setting model to the $uses of your AppController, then it will be automatically loaded in every Controller that extends the AppController

Read the documentation: The App Controller

Ad-Hoc accessing a Model

If you need to access a Model anywhere in your project, but mainly if you only need to access if in certain conditions or inside a specific action, you can initiate a model via the ClassRegistry;

For example;

 $ModelA = ClassRegistry::init('ModelA');

Or, if you just need some data from the model, but don't need if after that;

 $projects = ClassRegistry::init('Project')->find('list');
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