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When I was looking at how to design my servlets and their interactions with the back-end services, I thought maybe there is a toolkit available to solve this 'typical' scenario:

  1. Servlet container threads receive requests from many clients (will call them as 'request threads' henceforth)
  2. The 'request threads' may do nothing more than place messages on a JMS queue ('request queue') and store the AsyncContext in a thread-safe datastructure for retrieval later.
  3. The messages sent in step 2 have some information in them to associate themselves with their AsyncContext.
  4. The messages sent in step 2 also have a JMS destination set in them. This is where the responses should be sent by the Services that pick up and process the messages. Lets call the JMS destination as the 'response queue'.
  5. Services (distributed set of JVMs) pull requests from the 'request queue', process them and post the responses to the 'response queue'. The responses should copy the data for identifying the AsyncContext from their requests.
  6. One thread in the servlet container pulls messages from the 'response queue', associates it with a AsyncContext (from the datastructure mentioned in Step 2) and responds to the client (completes the Async processing).

How the messages are picked-up by services, processed and responded to back to the servlet response queue is left for users of the toolkit.

This seems like a pattern that would have been coded over-and-over ?! Isn't it ? If so, do you know of any open-source toolkit which does this ?

(This question is inspired by this response for one of my other questions. And I thought it deserved a question for itself, rather than as a comment on that one.)

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Well, any libraries for any other pattern in Servlet-Backend interaction is also welcome to be mentioned here. Thanks ! –  brainOverflow Mar 28 '13 at 20:42
There probably not going to be any libraries for this sort of thing. Servlet 3.0 is pretty new and this sort of code is likely highly coupled to the application server, messaging provider and individual application code. –  Mark Robinson Mar 31 '13 at 5:14
Well Mark, I didnt want to come to any conclusions by myself before checking with the developer community. Thanks. –  brainOverflow Apr 1 '13 at 16:21

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