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I am having problems correctly aligning my content in DecoratorPanel in GWT.

Using the following code snippet, all the content appears to be vertically aligned to the middle (?)

DecoratorPanel decor = new DecoratorPanel();
decor.add(new Label("Test"));

Diagram to explain:

             --------                 --------
I get this:  |      |    I want this: |test  |
             |      |                 |      |
             |test  |                 |      |
             |      |                 |      |
             |      |                 |      |
             --------                 --------

I have tried decor.getElement().getStyle().setVerticalAlign(VerticalAlign.TOP);, but it does not seem to affect anything.

How do I align the content to the top of the panel?


I have notice that if I use a LayoutPanel instead of a DecorPanel everything seems to align properly.

Could the problem be that I am using regular Panels with LayoutPanels? If so, why am i having problems?

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A DecoratorPanel uses a HTML table, while the other use a div. So with the DecoratorPanel you set the vertical style on the table element instead of the content, which explains what you see and a reason for not to use this panel. So you either should use a div based panel or set the alignment on the label or the td (which is label.getElement().getParent(), but that's a bit ugly and prone to future bugs).

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Get the td element.

... . getElement().setStyleName("myStyle");

Then in your css

.myStyle td{
vAlign : centre;
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DecoratorPanel is 9-box panel which is used to place images around, specially for rounded corner effect of widgets it mostly useful, there is a a cells around you widget when you set 100% it might be applying some width and height of all cells you are seeing the label in center.

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