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i am trying to understand the behavior of JSP and Managed bean interaction. (using JSF 1.2 to test this) I have a cart page which displays a list of items that were added to the cart and a remove button at the end of each row which enables user to remove that particular item from the cart.

The issues I faced were : 1) For every (Item) data object, I wanted a common remove method which gets invoked for that object when the remove item button is clicked. So when the button is invoked, i thought of passing the button's corresponding data object's id value to the backingBean.removeFromCart method.

But that wasn't possible. As it couldn't interpret the value


2) I thought may be i can use a InputHidden tag and pass the itemId to my remove function on button click and retrieve it using getParameter().

But even this never worked. When i get the cart object, it turned out to be null in jsp.

***<%CartData cart = (CartData) request.getAttribute("cart"); if(cart != null) out.println("<input type=\"Hidden\" id =\"itemId\" name
=\"itemId\" value =\""+cart.getItem().getId() +"\" />");%>***

3) I changed the code to a href and passed the itemId in the request and using this in the code. This works, however it is a little annoying because i have the object i need to delete and the method which deletes it. But have to take a longer path to do this. So is there a way to achieve the same by using object's and method rather than using a field and passing this around everywhere.

Over all code:

    <h:form id="search">
            <h:panelGrid bgcolor="skyblue" border="3">

                    <c:if test="${not empty cartBackingBean.cartData}">
                        <c:forEach var="cart" items="#{cartBackingBean.cartData}">

                            <h:panelGroup rendered="#{!cartBackingBean.invalidAccess}">
                                <h:graphicImage value="#{cart.item.imageUrl}" height="60" width="300"/>

                            <h:panelGroup rendered="#{!cartBackingBean.invalidAccess}">
                                <h:outputText value="#{cart.item.name}">

                            <h:panelGroup rendered="#{!cartBackingBean.invalidAccess}">
                                <a href="RemoveItemFromCart.view?itemId=${cart.item.id}" style="color: blue; font-style: italic;border: green; ">Remove item from cart</a>

                                <!--  Didn't Work -->
                                    CartData cart = (CartData) request.getAttribute("cart");
                                    if(cart != null)
                                        out.println("<input type=\"Hidden\" id =\"itemId\" name =\"itemId\" value =\""+ cart.getItem().getId() +"\" />");
                                <!--        <h:commandButton value="Remove from Cart" id="submit2" action="#{cartBackingBean.removeFromCart}" />  -->


                        <h:panelGroup style="display:block; text-align:center" rendered="#{!cartBackingBean.invalidAccess}">
                            <div class="search">
                                <h:commandButton value="Add to Order" id="submit1" action="#{cartBackingBean.addToOrder}"/>
                                <h:commandButton image="images/submit.gif" value="Save Cart" id="submit" action="#{cartBackingBean.saveCart}"/>


Also, i heard people saying not to use JSF tags in JSP. it wouldn't work or support. But i have been running this code using JSP and it works fine. Could someone please explain as to why should we not mix these technologies? and when should one use either of them?

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