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I'm need to document my project using DITA and I'm wondering if I can use python's docstring conventions and reStructuredText to create DITA's XMLs.

Any pointers?

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Sorry to be a bit late to this question, but I've done some work along these lines and put the resulting kit into this repository:


I hope there is something there that you or others can make use of.

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Interesting. I no longer work in this project and ended up including the DITA into inline commentos (sucha a PITA). I'll recommend this nevertheless. Thank you! –  tutuca Oct 30 '13 at 13:44

I think what you could do is that

  • You process your Python docstrings using Sphinx and its autodoc syntax

  • You write custom output formatter to Sphinx which will generate DITA XML instead of HTML

Some work, but doable.

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