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I'm using cakephp 2.3.0. What I'm trying to do is have the user click a link (in the form of an image) and that user action would delete some data from the database for that user.

In my view, I have this code snippet, which is actually a column in a table. For the word 'delete', I want that to be an image (using $this->Html->image()), but cakephp complains about that. According to the API, that parameter can only be a string.

                array('action' => 'deleteActivity', $myActivity['Activity']['id']),
                array('confirm' => 'Are you sure?')),

Here is my function in my controller that I'm attempting:

public function deleteActivity($id) {

        if ($this->Post->delete($id)) {             
            $this->Session->setFlash('The activity with id: ' . $id . ' has been deleted.');
            $this->redirect(array('action' => 'landingPage'));

I get the error below. Appears that wrapping a form tag with post isn't going to work. Is what I'm trying to do the best practice way of doing this, in CakePHP?

Fatal Error

Error: Call to a member function delete() on a non-object

Here is the generated HTML:

<td><form action="/activities/index.php/activities/deleteActivity/4"      name="post_515496f40ca77" id="post_515496f40ca77" style="display:none;" method="post">    <input type="hidden" name="_method" value="POST"/></form><a href="#" onclick="if (confirm(&#039;Are you sure?&#039;)) { document.post_515496f40ca77.submit(); } event.returnValue = false; return false;">delete</a></td>   
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The error:

The error basically says "Hey, there's no such thing as the Post object, so we're not sure what to do with this 'delete' method you're trying to access" (in other words, the Post model isn't yet loaded)

Further explanation / solution:

You don't inherently have access to models other than the one who's controller you're currently in.

So in your case, you cannot directly access the Post model without either loading it:


or, if it's associated with the current model (eg. Activity), you can access it through that like this:

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Based on the information in the question, my guess is that the OP is trying to delete the Activity itself, so it should be $this->Activity->delete($id); –  thaJeztah Mar 28 '13 at 21:09
@thaJeztah - that's possible, but the id of the item is 'post_515496f40ca77', and his code is $this->Post->delete(), so... not sure. Either way, this explains the error, and if he wanted Activity instead, it should point him right to what needs changed. –  Dave Mar 28 '13 at 21:13
I had a delay in getting back to this. Thanks for your comments. The issue was staring me in the face the whole time. The dreaded copy/paste error. Yes, instead of 'Post', I should have had 'Activity' in my controller. Once I made that change, then it worked. Now I just need to figure out how to display an image instead of text (for the user to click on the link). –  Kevin Mar 30 '13 at 3:01

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