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I'm wanting to create a keybinding in Kivy (Ctrl + O) that I can attach an event to. I see that the Kivy Inspector module is doing something similar but I'm not sure how to replicate the functionality.

I'd like to have the keybinding work on all of the Kivy application so I guess that it must bind to the window/root widget.

Has anyone done this before? Thanks!

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As you say the inspector module does exactly what you are looking for, so y not open the code and find out? It's Python after all :).

This is the file

Searching for ctrl as the shortcut the inspector uses is 'ctrl+e' get's us this.::

def keyboard_shortcut(self, win, scancode, *largs):
    modifiers = largs[-1]
    if scancode == 101 and modifiers == ['ctrl']:
        self.activated = not self.activated

It seems like this is listening to keyboard and checking if the input matches 'ctrl' and 'e'

if scancode == 101 and modifiers == ['ctrl']:

However we don't know how/from where this function is called? So let's search for the function name::


We get this.


win is a instance of window as we want to bind to a keyboard shortcut globally we are binding to the on_keyboard event of the Window.

What is this on_keyboard event of Window? Let's search for window in kivy documentation.

The fourth link kivy.core.window.Keyboard (Python class, in Window) seems interesting. Following that link It seems they even have a example of using Window.keyboard and also explain the on_keyboard event here.

Following all of the resources above you should be able to bind to a shortcut globally so as to react to it.

Hope this is Helps.

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