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Description of the problem

I'm developing android application using a gps tracking to find out means of transportation, say <3 m/s is walking, 3-6 cycling and >9 is driving. But on the bus(which has speed like bike most of the way) or in a slow traffic motion it's impossible to determine based on speed numbers only.

What I want to implement and ask your advice for

Use gyroscope in combination with gps tracking to better determine means of transportation. If somebody have worked with gyroscope "in the field", does it posess sufficient accuracy do determing if I'm walking or driving? Better say, does majority of android devices provide hardware sufficiently good for this purpose?

It doesn't exactly related to code, but the question is related to android development.

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I don't think you can come up with a half-reasonable heuristic. It will always break in one way or another. – Ali Mar 28 '13 at 22:06
It is absolutley clear what here is asked. one mor of that wrong closes – AlexWien Mar 29 '13 at 15:23

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I think you could do it with a reasonable accuracy, but that requires a lot of experimental data. Eliminating odd cases, like a real slow bus and the person in interest not walking back and forth, etc... You can infer that person is in a bus if, minus gravity, there is little upward acceleration. For walking and cycling you have to collect data for acceleration and/or gyroscope to get a pattern of walking and cyclic. One you have this then you can determine which of the above cases with high accuracy.

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Hi @Hoan Nguyen, have you tried collecting data where the user is moving while holding the device still ? not in a dynamic environment. – Utkarsh Mankad Mar 25 at 10:38
No, I haven't do any sensor work for a few year now. – Hoan Nguyen Mar 25 at 16:25

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