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I want to change the color used to indicate a selected radio button. I've found an explanation of how to do so. The only thing I'm missing is a source of images to use. To maintain a consistent appearance I want to take the existing images that are used by default and just recolor them. I've seen a guide explaining to get the images in the past, but when I try searching I'm unable to find it.

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You can find the images as part of the SDK:


The images from the radio button beginns with btn_radio.

As cafelatte notes you need to provide the 4 differnt densities. There are four types:

  • ldpi: Resources for low-density (ldpi) screens (~120dpi)
  • mdpi: Resources for medium-density (mdpi) screens (~160dpi). (This is the baseline density.)
  • hdpi: Resources for high-density (hdpi) screens (~240dpi).
  • xhdpi: Resources for extra high-density (xhdpi) screens (~320dpi).
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Either create your own resources, or pull what you need from the SDK.

In ${your-sdk-dir}\platforms\android-${apilevel}\android.jar

Simply take the resources you need from under the res\drawable* subdirectories. Don't forget to provide [l/m/h/x]dpi resources if required.

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