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When I compile the following code with gcc -nostartfiles or -nostdlib, running the resulting Program causes a crash deep within the Audio system, when SDL_OpenAudio() is called. Without this call everything works fine and even other Librarys work. When compiled without -nostartfiles/-nostdlib (and renaming _start to main and commenting the assembly exit call) It works fine.

My Question: What causes this dependency on the gcc startup code and how can I fix it without removing -nostartfiles / -nostdlib?

I'm compiling for linux 64 Bit on x86_64 with gcc 4.7.2

void _start()
    SDL_AudioSpec fmt;

    fmt.freq = 44100;
    fmt.format = AUDIO_S16;
    fmt.channels = 1;
    fmt.samples = 4096;
    fmt.callback = mixaudio;
    fmt.userdata = NULL;
    if ( SDL_OpenAudio(&fmt, NULL) < 0 ) SDL_Quit();

    asm("xorq %rax, %rax \n movq 42, %ebx \n int 0x80");
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I guess SDL calls malloc() somewhere. The glibc sets up some data structures for it. Also, int 80 is for i386 and not for amd64 (where you use syscall instead). –  FUZxxl Mar 28 '13 at 22:01
Well, that makes sense. –  gufftan Mar 29 '13 at 1:04

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