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so in my program im trying to incorporate a couple of different classse into my main program which i am coming up with the code.

What i am given

    Dictionary() {
        dictionary = new String[NUMBER_OF_WORDS];
        Scanner inputStream = null;
        try {
            inputStream = new Scanner(new File(FILE_NAME));
        }catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
            System.out.println("Dictionary class cannot find file \"dictionaryData.txt\".");
            System.out.println("Please make sure that the file is in the project folder.");
        for (int i = 0; i < NUMBER_OF_WORDS; i++) {
            dictionary[i] =;

    public String getRandomWord(){
        Random generator = new Random();
        String temp = new String();
        temp += dictionary[generator.nextInt(NUMBER_OF_WORDS)];
        return temp;

    public boolean find(String word) {
        int count = 0;
        int lowerIndex = 0;
        int upperIndex = NUMBER_OF_WORDS - 1;
        int middleIndex;
        while(lowerIndex <= upperIndex){
            middleIndex = (lowerIndex + upperIndex) / 2;
            if(word.equalsIgnoreCase(dictionary[middleIndex])) { // found it
                return true;
            else if (word.compareToIgnoreCase(dictionary[middleIndex]) < 0) { // word smaller than middle
                upperIndex = middleIndex - 1;
            else { // word is larger than middle
                lowerIndex = middleIndex + 1;
        return false;

along with another class WordHider

     WordHider() {
        secretWord = new String();
        wordMask = new String();

    public String getWordMask() {
        return wordMask;

    public String getSecretWord() {
        return secretWord;

    public void setSecretWord(String newSecretWord) {
        secretWord = newSecretWord.toLowerCase();
        if (secretWord.length() > 0) {
            wordMask = HIDE_CHAR;
            for (int i = 1; i < secretWord.length(); i++) {
                wordMask += HIDE_CHAR;

    public boolean isHiddenWordFound() {
        for (int i = 0; i < wordMask.length(); i++) {
            if(wordMask.charAt(i) == HIDE_CHAR.charAt(0)) {
                return false;
        return true;
    public int revealLetter(String letter) {
        int count = 0;
        String newFoundWord = "";
        if (letter.length() == 1) {
            for (int i = 0; i < secretWord.length(); i++) {
                if ((secretWord.charAt(i) == letter.charAt(0))
                        && (wordMask.charAt(i) == HIDE_CHAR.charAt(0))) {
                    newFoundWord += letter;
                else {
                    newFoundWord += wordMask.charAt(i);
        wordMask = newFoundWord;
        return count;

and using those classes i have to come up with code that looks like this:

Word: **********   Guesses Left: 5
Enter your guess: a
Word: **********   Guesses Left: 4
Enter your guess: e
Word: **********   Guesses Left: 3
Enter your guess: i
Word: i**i*i****   Guesses Left: 3
Enter your guess: o
Word: i**i*i*o**   Guesses Left: 3

And ive got a couple of questions about this,

1) i have a dictionaryData.text that i was given and have to implement that into my code. it contains a list of 81thousand words and im not sure how to have my program recognize its there. Dictionary class cannot find file "dictionaryData.txt". Please make sure that the file is in the project folder. ^ i get that error when i try and print a random word

2) How do i get my program to change the letters of a word to stars(Hide the word)

3) put it all in a loop?

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What is FILE_NAME? Where is your dictionaryData.txt file located? Also ask one question at a time. – Smit Mar 28 '13 at 21:57
dictionaryData.txt is a whole seperate file i have – tawnpawt Mar 29 '13 at 0:16
I am asking in regards to first question as you said im not sure how to have my program recognize its there – Smit Mar 29 '13 at 0:22
ok so ive got my main program Program3, then 2 other classes, Dictionary and WordHider. In order for Dictionary to work it needs to recognize and find my text file dictionaryData.txt – tawnpawt Mar 29 '13 at 0:25
I understand that part. What i am asking is waht is String you are passing to FILE_NAME and If that file name is correct and located at the place your FILE_NAME says then it will read the file other wise it will throw FileNotFoundEcxception. – Smit Mar 29 '13 at 0:40

Parts of the Dictionary class and the WordHider class are missing. Nevertheless, I'll try and answer your questions.

1) Like I said, you're missing part of the Dictionary class. You incorporate the class like this:

Dictionary dictionary = new Dictionary();
String word = dictionary.getRandomWord();

2) Like this:


3) I'm not sure what "it" is, but yes, your user has to guess a letter. Then you have to check to see if the letter is in the word. Like this:


Then you have to display the word and let the user guess another letter. This guess / check / display has to be in a loop.

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