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I have a massive insert operations (1000 docs per operation) and probably that it will fail during my code works.

Can I make some kind of snapshots or put some flags to database and if something goes wrong then revert db to flag/snapshot?

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MongoDB intentionally does not include support for ACID transactions, however you can implement your own transactional semantics depending on your use case.

For batch inserts, a straightforward approach would be to:

  • include a field with a unique batchID in the documents you are inserting
  • use the MongoDB bulk insert method for efficiency
  • on error, remove the documents in the failed batchID (assuming you want all-or-nothing for the inserts)
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there is no simple way to do that, like a simple flag. I think the best option to you is implement a two-phase commit approach, here you see detailed instruction to implement it: http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/perform-two-phase-commits/

Regards, Moacy

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