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I am using scons to build on windows. My SConscript file takes certain command line options to build like OS=win7 CPU=x86_64 etc. Every time I run scons from command line I have to type these options, Is there a way I can put them in SConscript file or set an environment variable so that I don't have to type them every time I build.

I tried setting SCONSFLAGS but it didn't seem to work.

Thanks in advance.

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make a script to execute the exact command you need, e.g.:

import subprocess[
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If you are compiling on Windows, SCons should detect that, so you shouldnt need to set OS=win7.

As for the CPU, you can set that when creating the Environment, as follows:

env = Environment(TARGET_ARCH = 'x86_64')

You can find more information about the TARGET_ARCH Construction Variable here.

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I made it to work bu just setting an environment variable on Windows, TEST ="OS=win7 CPU=x86_64" and then running the scons script as scons %TEST%

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