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The company that I'm working for is going to start using ServiceNow for its IT operations and call-center management and they are looking at its SDLC module for software project management. However, there is also a push (by me) for using JIRA+Greenhopper+Fisheye+Crucible.

Has anyone out there done a feature by feature comparison of these two tools?

Using the ServiceNow demo, it sounds like it's quite versatile but I believe it's being customized pretty heavily for our call-center by Service-Now, themselves.

One of the biggest things that I've liked about JIRA is the extreme level of customization that we can do on our own and morph our processes as a result of our retrospectives. I'm not entirely confident that ServiceNow can provide that and I would definitely like to hear more.

Some features that I'm wondering about in ServiceNow that I can accomplish with JIRA+Greenhopper:

  • Sprints across multiple projects (Scrum Products in ServiceNow?)

  • Source/Code Review integration like with Fisheye and Crucible

  • Epics management spanning multiple projects

  • Release Management - JIRA Versions vs. ServiceNow Releases - some teams plan out future releases and others simply cut a build-tag based on what looks good on their release branch. JIRA lets me have different operational processes to help Leads accomplish this to match what they do "in real life."

Any other points in differentiation between these two products would be great. Thanks!

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You may get more people who know about ServiceNow at community.servicenow.com –  mdoar Mar 28 '13 at 22:34
SN seems to be more IT oriented, e.g. ITIL –  mdoar Mar 28 '13 at 22:35
My organization brought in ServiceNow for IT ticket management a couple of years ago and caused a full scale revolt among users, especially engineers who were used to JIRA and found ServiceNow's UI cluttered, confusing and non-intuitive. I would advise seriously looking at JIRA for your IT Ops and call center management, and definitely don't try using ServiceNow for anything related to software projects. –  gareth_bowles Mar 28 '13 at 23:36
@gareth_bowles What were your "end users" and what range of ticket management did you guys do? This is a stupidly broad questions... –  grumpasaurus Mar 29 '13 at 20:43
We brought in SN as an IT help desk system to handle access requests, general IT requests like server problems or new machine allocation, and equipment ordering. The end users were anyone in the company. I may have been a bit down on SN above - things have improved after customizing the UI - but as @JeremySmith says below, SN isn't necessarily a good fit for the software development tasks that you listed in your question. –  gareth_bowles Mar 29 '13 at 21:25

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The nice thing is the two (2) can co-exist peacefully and you can use each for the purposes that best fit your group / department needs. Below is an article with a video that shows how seamless the integration is.


DISCLOSURE: I am a ServiceNow employee.

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Thanks! This is excellent information. I'm only concerned with JIRA and ServiceNow as a software development tool, rather than a call-center/end-user help/request ticket system, so this would definitely be helpful. –  grumpasaurus Mar 29 '13 at 13:16
+1 for being a ServiceNow employee and still posting the answer here :) –  sdolgy May 10 '13 at 7:21

I agree these are very different tools and ServiceNow is not designed to be a ALM or SCCM, whereas JIRA is. For an apples-to-apples comparison I'd look at JIRA versus TFS for instance.

I think Jeremy is right on track - ServiceNow and JIRA are tools that should live side-by-side, with ServiceNow managing the ITIL service desk workflows integrated into the JIRA SCCM workflows where necessary.

Granted there are some scrum components for ServiceNow, JIRA and tools like it are designed from the ground up to support the development team.

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(Another disclaimer - I'm an employee too)

Jira is a fantastic Agile toolset and to be fair can offer a better point solution for SDLC than ServiceNow.

To balance that out - what you can gain from using ServiceNow SDLC is access to the single system of record for IT. Because you are using the same system as your IT Operations teams you have a chance to model a process that tightly integrates Dev and Ops (We could throw in the DevOps buzzword here!)

If you want a process where you can take a new incident from a customer and easily track it to the release, to the software version, to the requirement to the test case you need ServiceNow.

Equally if you want to drive operational responsibility for the success of software features to the developers that write the code you want that seamless interaction between processes.

If you are after the best of breed experience for your Agile teams (and I haven't mentioned integrations which is another option) go for Jira - it's a great tool and I long for some of their features in my day-to-day tooling :-)

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Watch for the Service Desk add-on for JIRA that Atlassian have just announced. It may do some of what your team wanted ServiceNow for?

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You can Integrate Servicenow with JIRA using informatica cloud.Please visit the following link for detail: 


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Great discussion - very helpful. My company is looking into servicenow for the same reasons. Some of the plugins to bridge between servicenow and jira might work for us. I've looked into jira service desk which does look like it has great easy seamless user experience however - i'm not seeing the integration depth in that product yet... particularly in the Asset Management side of things. I've seen big companies that are using jira service desk so i'm wondering how are they doing these sorts of things then as the asset management plugins and what not seem like they were built buy a guy in his garage more than that could sustain an enterprise. Is anyone using JIRA Service Desk with ITIL and asset management integrations?

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