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I am trying to run a cron using codeigniter CLI ... Rackspace cloud has a way to access scripts and you need to choose the script language, they have 4 options, perl, php etc.

To access command line you need to use perl. Now I created a file "test.sh" it looks like

$ php /mnt/target03/12345/www.domain.com/web/content/index.php cron1 cron_test 

when i run the cron, i get this

line 2: command not found
line 3: $: command not found

Does any of you has experience with running crons with rackspace cloud?

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People at serverfault.com probably have a lot of experience with Rackspace. – ajp15243 Mar 28 '13 at 22:11
You don't add the $ to your shell file -- just start the line the php. – Cryode Mar 29 '13 at 0:57
Cyode it worked, thanks. – Jamil Khan Mar 29 '13 at 9:18

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