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Is there any way to merge cells (vertically and/or horizontally) in a datagrid? At least, for example, is there a way to show that certain datagridcolumns belong to one group.

For example, I'll take three columns: column1, column2, column3. All these three should be grouped to the Category cell with a rowspan of 3 -- a "super header" if you will.

Thanks, let me know.

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This should create a Split Header according to Alex Harui:



Similarly, instead of trying to merge two cells horizontally: try splitting one cell into two cells using and itemRenderer for the dataGridColumn.

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AFAIK, no. Let someone correct me, but I've gone through the trouble to write my own table control to get around this. The Grid has the span concept though.

That is, I mean horizontal grouping. The AdvancedDataGrid supports row-grouping, but I've never used it so I can't go into specific examples.

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I have found that a free MecGrid component solves this merging cells problem (it includes other cool features). But this custom component also misses a lot of other features found in standard FlexComponents.


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